Driven by its continuous research of innovation and excellence since 1975, the year of its foundation, Tennis club Palermo 2 has aimed at reconciling social, sports results, and education to the healthy values of sport.
Since 2003 Tc2 has won four Italian titles and a European title for the over 60s, while in 2008 won the Italian under-16 title. Year after year differentiates its services by expanding its offers. There are numerous sports and recreational activities for all ages, because Tennis club Palermo 2 is not just a structure for outdoor and indoor sports, but it’s also a meeting place for conferences, concerts, tournaments, social events, cooking courses and many more, due to the versatility of its spaces. The club is home to original events, often in collaboration with relevant partners, such as BNL – BNP Paribas Group and Lanvin to name a few. Parties, tournaments and gala at Tennis club Palermo 2 have become fixed dates of social life and sport in the city, like “Interclub” the olympics between the most prominent yacht and tennis clubs. Members have the opportunuty to attend many fitness courses: tennis, yoga, pilates, athletics, swimming, aerobics…
The club boasts 38 years and has now become one of the most important clubs in Palermo and a reference point for the Italian tennis milieu. Since 2000, the club communicates with its members through its 24-page bimonthly magazine, sent to members and can be downloaded from the website in PDF format. The planning of the activities, insights on the topics of news, sport and wellness and photos of Tc2 events and interviews.
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