Relax your mind from those thoughts and soak up the atmosphere of pure well-being of the wellness area of Tc2, which will help you regain and maintain mental and physical balance.
Renovated in 2013, the pool area, with its 1,000 square meters is divided into four zones, and consists of an Area Beauty with 2 spacious treatment rooms, locker rooms with sauna for men and women , the large pool 50 x 25 m, heated to a temperature of 27 ° C and an elegant lounge area with wi-fi.


Draining Massage – 60 min.
With circular motions, rhythmic and sweet, at specific points of the body, you will get a big improvement of microcirculation tissues, which are released from the interstitial fluids in excess. The cells will have greater oxygenation, resulting in elimination of cellulite and water retention.

Kembiki massage – 60min.
Kembiki in Japanese indicates the therapeutic art that was practiced by blind masseurs in ancient Japan. Extremely relaxing , deep acting both physical energy and is able to revitalize the body and skin, restoring power especially to the face and neck, restoring the vital principles that allow you to live healthy.

Relaxation Massage – 45 min.
Indicated in the treatment of joint locks, contractures, pain and muscle spasms, stiffness, and consists of very light touches acute rubbing or deep for a vasodilatory effect.

Facial cleansing scrubs – 45 min.